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LiteNsweet Parties - San Francisco California (CA) Adult Swingers Parties

Born in Denver, Co and Raised in Northern California. A single mother raised me with my only sister. I am Jamaican and Puerto Rican. Raised with all the traditional family vales. We were not a religious family, we believe in a higher power but it was never pushed to attend a church or pray on Holidays. I attended Public High School graduated Senior Class President Honor Roll. I then attended Cal State University Hayward. I graduated with an emphasis in Accounting Minor in Sociology.

My husband and I met at a Dance Club. I loved going to this dance club with my girlfriends this particular weekend I went out by self. Chris was invited out by his friends to go dancing. He almost did not go out with them, so they dragged him out. I did not notice him at all that night. When I was leaving I went to go say bye to a really good friend, when I approached him this guy (Chris) grabs my belt and pulled me towards him. Now did I mention I was Puerto Rican, Chris almost got knocked out. My friend claimed him and then introduced him, later I found out they had just met. Chris had went to him earlier in the evening to ask who I was in which he was instructed to stay away I was not the one. Basically I am known as one that is very strong and real with people.

Chris asked if he could walk me to my car, in which he was told he could walk anywhere it was a free world. So he walked me to the car. Once we arrived at the car he asked for my number. I replied to him, tell me my name and you can have my number. Well Chris had several friends with the name La or Von so he was really lost for names. I handed him a business card, so he could remember my name, and then I left. Chris called me 2 weeks later.. we have been together every day since that 2-week call.

We have 3 girls (from LaVonne’s Previous marriage). The two oldest are aware of our environment in the Lifestyle. I am a Cash Management Specialist. Chris is a Private Investor. We live in the Contra Costa area of Northern California basically it is the Suburbs.

We got into swinging by a bet we made between each other. It started as a bet to see who could set up a threesome with the same sex (Chris had to find a guy and I a girl). Chris won the bet. We had our first MFM it was a great experience for us both then we had a FMF and that was great as well. We then graduated to couples Lesbian and MF. This was a learning experience for us both. Like being in the dating stages again. We had to learn the new rules and boundaries.

We went to our first parties and did not like them. The first type that we attended was a house party. It was very crowded and made us feel pressured. We then went to a play club that was fun but almost gave us a dirty feeling. Attending the regular dance club and trying to find that couple that swings is fun and can be interesting. So we decided to put it all together and have LiteNsweet Parties. We offer a dance party that are no pressure environment, but still allows for one to be a little sexy. This type of parties allow like minded couples to meet then make dates for another time, sometimes right after the party.

It has become part of our regular day lives more so then we ever thought it would be because we found out how many couples we were helping to find themselves.

Swinging is about being with your loved one and being able to share your sexual desires and experiences with them. The freedom to be able to choose to be sexual or not is a power that no one can take away from you. It is the freedom to Be Sexy Be Free with our sexual nature. Marriages in the USA are destroyed because of Adultery, we will never have this issue because once you swing there is nothing you cannot talk about.

Since we have been very open, public and upfront about our Lifestyle we have become a sort of spokes-couple for the lifestyle. We are of the new generation of swingers. We are very concerned about safety, so we do have rules that some swingers do not care for, but we just pass that as a non-match and we move on. I think once you are swinging you take different kinds of breaks to make sure things are always good. We always talk and evaluate where we are in swinging. This makes things comfortable all the time.

We feel that we are closer than ever because we talk about anything we are best friends. I know a lot of couples say that, but how many can say Hey honey that couple is hot, what do you think of the wife?

We have different types of parties, but they all have the same rules. We do not allow nudity at the dance part, no sexual activity and a 10 second rule. The 10-second rule is designed to keep everyone comfortable on the dance floor. We attract a lot of newbies and people having sex or being nude on the dance floor could freak a lot of them out. We do request that all those attending be in the lifestyle or interested in joining the lifestyle. We only accept couples and single females to the parties.

LiteNsweet is working to educate and open up the eyes of those that are thinking about sharing the best experiences with their partner. Mostly our organization is about being free. We promote the idea that everyone is beautiful and sexy. We work really hard at this because society has an idea what is sexy. But is it truly everyones idea? We could never be vanilla again. We believe that everyone wants to have great sexual experiences, some keep it bottled up and never experience what they want and others become swingers.

The lifestyle is secretive because society has put this as an immoral choice. Even lower than adultery. People are afraid of losing their jobs, friends and family. Unfortunately, the workplace is in peoples bedrooms. This is sad but true friends and family turn their heads from people in the lifestyle as if they have a disease that is not curable.

We live in a small great community we just got sidewalks. Our neighbors all know each other and our kids all play together. We are well off middle class and enjoy life to its fullest. I drive to work everyday to San Francisco (40minutes from residence). Work a full day. I also help Chris with his private investments by helping to manage his database and update his partner. Chris manages the home, from the kids to the cooking.

Our life is Great.