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Interracial Swingers

Interracial Swingers

What is Interracial Swinging and why should I consider Interracial Swinging?

For many swinging couples, a sexual swinging experience with an interracial couple is passionate, powerful, liberating, and sensual. The racial dynamics of the swinging couple can vary:

  • Swinging White Couple with Swinging Interracial Couple
  • Swinging Black Couple with Swinging White Couple
  • Swinging Interracial Couple with Swinging Interracial Couple

When one hears the term interracial, one may immediately think of an interracial swinging couple as Black and White. Indeed, interracial is not always that black and white (pun intended). Interracial in general and interracial swingers in particular encompasses all races and colors other than White.

Certainly while SexxyMofo’s swinging members and swinging couples come from all over the world, of all ages, and of all races and colors, the majority of our swinging couples and interracial swinging couples are Black couples and White couples.

SexxyMofo has received many pictures from swinging parties, emails, and lifestyle testimonials from swinging couples. Swinging couples have shared with us that they often have a swinging couple fantasy wish-list that they write and share together. One lifestyle experience that often tops the list is having a lifestyle experience with an interracial couple, to experience interracial swinging.

Here are a few of the interracial swinging experiences two swinging couples have shared with us:

"My husband and I are a white and we joined SexxyMofo just a few months ago. We have shared some wonderful lifestyle experiences with many swinging couples that we have met on your swinger’s website. Well, one lifestyle experience my husband always wanted to experience is having a sexual experience with an interracial couple - a black woman. Specifically a black woman because my husband is a huge movie critic fan - he loves Roger Ebert. And Roger Ebert’s wife, Chazz, as you may or may not know, is black. I was more than willing and happy to please my husband. We met a wonderful black couple on SexxyMofo.com, we sent a few emails, and arranged to meet at one of the swinging parties SexxyMofo hosted. The attraction was immediate and mutual! I had never been with a black man nor had my husband ever been with a black woman. We had a full swap….and well….I will resist telling all the wonderful details…but TWO THUMBS UP! Way UP!

Thanks SexxyMofo. We certainly are thankful for the wide variety of swinging couples and interracial swingers that can be found on your website! We will certainly have more interracial swinging experiences with our new-found interracial couple and many more interracial swingers - we hope!"
�� - Patrick & Rebekah - New York, New York.
"As an American History professors at well respected university, my wife of 12 years and I had been suffering from a bit of ennui with our profession and academia. We would find solace in each others arms - the absolute Hedonistic pleasure and sensuality in our bedroom has always been phenomenal. After a night out at the opera or the theatre, and after one too many shots of spirits - Sherry for my wife Cognac for me - we would come home and, as I oft times heard my students say, ‘let loose’ in our bedroom. I digress. We are active in the swinging lifestyle, having been a swinging couple for 10 of the 12 years, and a member of SexxyMofo.com for the last two. As professors and as a swinging couple, we wanted to share an interracial swinging experience with an African American couple. We had recently read a report on Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, the African American slave whom Jefferson had a relationship with and whom fathered children with her. Paraphrasing Jefferson, my wife and I wanted an interracial couple, an interracial swinging couple, both of African American descent, to experience the happiness of the bosom of my wife and of our bedroom. We met a lovely interracial swinging couple online, shared emails, exchanged phone numbers, and shared our fantasy. Indeed, our lifestyle experience, our swinging sex experience with the interracial swinging couple, had us dual role-playing Master-Servant. Our interracial swinging experience was splendid. Thank you SexxyMofo!"
�� - Tom & Sally, New Jersey.

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