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Swingers - A Brief History of Swinging

Swingers: The Beginning

By all accounts, Swingers started to meet in the privacy of their own home in the early-to-mid 1950s. Hard to believe, and to a certain extent a bit ironic, that while families across the United States were watching conservative-all-American family television shows like The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, The I love Lucy Show, and Leave It To Beaver, a small but growing group of individuals known as Swingers were meeting to experience exciting and liberating sex.

Swingers: The Affluent Suburbs

Most Swingers came from the more affluent suburbs across the United States, with a particularly larger concentration of Swingers in New York City and Los Angeles. Initially, Swingers met through word of mouth; swinger`s mild flirtations and discussions amongst friends and friends of friends led to mild curiosity, to eventually a free and liberating form of sexual expression through threesomes, wife swapping, bisexual experiences, and orgies. Swingers would meet at cocktail lounges or night clubs and then come home and experience a full swap, a soft sway, a threesome, or an orgy.

Swingers: Ads in Newspapers

As the number of Swingers grew across the United States, and as the demographics of Swingers began to expand outside of the affluent homes, Swingers started to place personal ads in newspapers. Swingers would place an ad, often times discreet, about wanting to meet other Swingers in the area or bisexual women. Swingers would talk on the phone, meet at their homes, or meet at a club or a restaurant. Additionally, Swingers, especially the married-man-hard-working-40-hour-a-week-married-male, would plan a vacation with his wife to cities where other like-minded, sexually free Swingers lived.

Swingers: NASCA Formed

In the mid to late 60`s in Berkeley, California, the first organization, "Sexual Freedom League" for swingers was formed. The Sexual Freedom League wrote articles on Swingers and created Swinger networks across the United States. Eventually, a larger organization for Swingers was formed, called North American Swing Club Association (NASCA). NASCA began creating newsletters about On or Off Premise Swingers Clubs, Swinger`s Travel & Resort hot-spots, Swinger`s Magazine and Swingers Personal Ad listings, Swinger`s Conventions & Events.

Swingers: The Internet & SexxyMofo.com

With the dramatic increase of computers and the internet, Swingers now have a powerful resource to connect with local and national Swingers, Swinger Clubs and Swinger Parties, and find out about Swinger`s Cruises and Swinger`s Groups.

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