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Swingers Stories

The Beginning
By Nekkid Hedonists

You go first

I can not...you do it

Come on...I promise as soon as your top is off, I will lose my shorts

Okay, fine, but I am laying face down

Steve and I were in Jamaica, celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary.? We had not heard too much about the swingers Hedonism resorts, but we liked to think ourselves as daring and free, so we just thought we would go and find out what it is all about for ourselves.? How bad could it be, after all?

Now, laying face down under the heat of the Negril sun, I was shyly undoing the top of my bikini.? There are naked swingers all around me, I tried to convince myself, who is going to notice just one more pair of breasts?

Ten minutes later, Steve was getting us drinks from the bar, chatting up a storm with every swinger around.? I was not quite as friendly in my uncomfortable state of undress.? I was trying to sink into the chair I was laying on so as not to be looked at.?

Several drinks later we were ready for the hot tub.? A group of three swinging couples were sitting next to us.? My liquid courage had me going by then, and we joined in their conversation.? I did not even have time to finish my drink, as the group decided to have a muff-diving contest.? Huh? It is when we see how long someone can hold their breath under water.? Oh, ok, I am good at that, I proudly announced.? Oh no, hun, this is a contest for the guys.? You ready?? Apparently the Dirty Bananas were preventing me from thinking more than a step ahead.? Sure.? What was I to be ready for?? Did they want me to time them?? I do not get it.?

Ready.? Set. Go!? As someones tongue made their way between my thighs, I quickly realized the specifics of this game.? My eyes rolled back in my head as Steve looked on, his hard on about to burst.?

Somehow the rules of the game were forgotten as the guy going down on me put his hands under my ass, threw my legs over his shoulders and emerged from the water.? His tongue never left my clit.? I was leaning back on my elbows, eyes closed.? Someone took my drink out of my hand.? Someone else was sucking on my nipples.? I reached for Steve, hoping this was all okay.? In response he stood up on the bench so that I could suck his throbbing cock.? I guess he did not mind that another man was making his wife moan in ecstasy.? I knew people were watching, but suddenly I was anything but shy.? I was practically screaming out with pleasure and desire.? I wanted everyone to hear me.? The tongue making circles around my clit; the finger he was burying deep inside me; the mouth all over my breasts; the cock in my mouth; the people watching.? It was more than I could take.? I burst into the most intense orgasm.? It felt like it lasted for hours.? Finally, as I quieted down, I heard the silence around me transform into a round of applause.? Within less than an hour of being at Hedo, our swinging cherries were popped.? Hmm...? come to think of it, I never did find out who won the muff-diving contest.? Although I am pretty sure it was me!