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Adult Swingers | Top 10 Reasons to Swing - Swingers Clubs, Swingers Parties, Swingers Lifestyle and More

We have asked many of our swinger friends and members why they swing and here are the top ten reasons they came up with:

Reason 10 to swing
Enjoyable company with like minded adults. Swingers are the kind of people that are exciting and fun to be with. They are happy, honest, vibrant, intelligent, attractive and very friendly. Swingers enjoy being swingers all the time. If you go to any swingers club or swingers party then look out as swingers know how to party!

Reason 9 to swing
A very healthy lifestyle. Most swinging scenes enjoy traveling to swinger resorts to spend time relaxing with swing friends during the day and partying at night.

Reason 8 to swing

Play dress up. Finally an environment that gives you the opportunity to wear those daring dresses and leather lingerie to swinger clubs and swinger parties. You can shop the adult catalogs and stores and have a place to show off. You will not get arrested, assaulted or laughed at. Most swinger events have monthly themes that allow swingers to express themselves.

Reason 7 to swing
Getting your fantasies fulfilled. Two ladies? Three men? Same sex? Intimate moment with a stranger? Being watched? Watching others? Large piles of anonymous flesh? If you can fantasize about it, the swing lifestyle can help fulfill it. Swing is about consensual and discreet participants hosting your fantasy.

Reason 6 to swing
Improve your sexual positions by looking and learning from your new swinger friends. You and your partner may be very adept lovers but you do not know what you do not know and partying and enjoying the company of other swingers will certainly teach you a thing or two.

Reason 5 to swing
Staying attractive is good for you. Nothing is more motivation to stay on a diet, or exercise then the prospect of a swing party. Many of the guests who attend swingers clubs and swinger parties are very fit and attractive and you never want to feel out of place.

Reason 4 to swing
Satisfy your swinger appetite for variety. You probably have a loving, wonderful, sexy partner but why limit yourself? Big muscles, big boobs, shapely butt or pendulous penis, blondes, red heads, brunette or bald, on top, on bottom, on the side, it is all out there. Life is a smorgasbord of delights. Step up to the feast!

Reason 3 to swing
Good friends. Stick around swingers for a while and you will find several more. This intimate lifestyle is the perfect venue for meeting other couples that truly share your interests and approach to life. We all have friends outside of the lifestyle but nothing is quite like meeting up with your swinger friends to attend a swingers club once or twice a month!

Reason 2 to swing
The second best reason to swing is the positive effects it can have on friendships and relationships. There is no reason to hide your desire for your friends partner when that desire is openly welcomed and can be explored. There is no reason to be fearful of your partner having an affair behind your back when you enjoy watching and joining in. It is fantastic when everyone is relaxed and real and the sexual tensions are removed from the friendship.

The Top Reason To Consider Swinging Is

The couple that plays together stays together! What makes swinging special is that couples do it together and share intimate and wild experiences together.