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Swinging Wives - How a wife becomes a swinging wife

Swinging Wives - The Beginning

Swinging wives are often asked how they became active in the swinger lifestyle. Was the topic of entering the swinger lifestyle - becoming a swinger`s wife - brought on by the husband or did the wife bring up the topic herself?

More often than not, the husband will be the first to bring up the conversation of swinging. The husband may mention to his wife that he knows of a few swinging wives through his friends from work.

Or the husband may bring up the conversation of swinging wives after watching a certain television show or after viewing a particular movie. The most likely scenario when a husband brings up the conversation of swingers and swinging wives is during the course of sexual intercourse.

What starts as "talk-dirty-to-me" during a passionate sexual experience in bed, leads to a natural progression of open dialogue. After a night out of dancing and drinking, the couple will come home and make passionate love. Feeling inebriated during the lovemaking, the husband and wife will start talking dirty to each other. The husband may mention a particular man that was dancing so close to his wife that he rubbed up against her.

"You felt his cock rub all against you, didn`t you? And you enjoyed it?" he would say.

"Oh, yes, yes," she would respond.

"Yes, I know you did," he would say, "and you wish he was right here fucking you while I watch, right?"

"Yes, yes," she would say.

And the dirty-talk would continue the rest of the night.

The next day, unsure whether it was the alcohol talking the night before or not, the husband will casually bring up the conversation and swinging wives to his wife and gauge her reaction.

If she pauses, smiles, or giggles nervously, then the husband will pursue the conversation.

After awhile, he may say: "So do you find the swinger lifestyle and becoming one of the many swinging wives available, exciting?"

Or, maybe the build-up to entering the swinger lifestyle and becoming a Swinging Wife is not that prolonged. The husband may simply say: "Honey, I think it would be fun and sexy to watch you with another man and for me to have sex with another woman. Don`t you?"

And so it begins.

Swinging Wives - The First Time

Swinging Wives first swinger experience comes after an open conversation with her husband. The couple will discuss beforehand what will be allowed and what will not be allowed. Full swap? Soft swap? Sex with a bisexual woman? Sex with more than one swinger couple at a time?

Swinging wives also discuss scenarios: What if the husband has to leave the room temporarily? Will the swinging wife continue having sex or will she stop and wait until her husband returns? What if he orgasms before the wife does while he is having sex with another partner and she has not climaxed with her partner? Does the swinging wife continue?

These scenarios are just some of the discussions that swinging wives have with their husbands before their first swinger experience.

Once the swinging wives are comfortable with the "rules and boundaries" - once they are both comfortable - the first sexual experience with another partner for both the swinging wife and the swinger husband is phenomenal.

Swinging Wives - The Continual Sexual Experience

After the initial sexual experience with another couple or a bisexual woman, swinging wives are even more excited and passionate about meeting other fun, hot, and open minded swinging wives and swinger couples.

Swinging Wives and their husbands may revisit the initial "rules and boundaries" that were established before entering into the swinger lifestyle. The Swinging Wives may find that there are too many rules or that the boundaries are too restricted.

Swinging Wives may establish on-going and long-lasting swinger relationships with other swinger couples or they may have different swinger lifestyle experiences with different couples. Whichever the case, Swinging Wives become more comfortable, confident, and passionate in sharing and experience a sexual experience with her husband and other swinger couples.

Swinging Wives - The Master Bedroom

If a week or two lapses without Swinging Wives experiencing a sexual experience with another swinger couple, then Swinging Wives know that the sex in the bedroom will continue to be hot and passionate.

It is not uncommon for Swinging Wives and their husbands to talk-dirty in their master bedroom; both the husband and the wife can "talk-dirty" about some of the past swinger experiences each have shared with other swinger couples.

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